Google Image Search product schema markup how to insert.

Google image search is now annotating the search with price and product rating information on mobile devices.

It means product search on mobile will appear like this.

This has huge benefits as it means there are fewer clicks to the product and it's quicker to select a product. However, the information is limited it provides so the store owner will be well advised to include a "call to action" on the text so as to get the client to click on the image and enter your site.

For the technical minded this is how it is implemented. Mainstream Ecommerce platform will possibly have a plugin for this.

To display product such as currency, ratings etc. in the rich image viewer on Google search:

Include the name, image, price, and priceCurrency properties. Alternatively, instead of price and priceCurrency, you can include any four properties and exclude price. has this listed and a code example is below on how to implement. Full documentation is here.

  <imgitemprop="image"src="dell-30in-lcd.jpg"alt="A Dell UltraSharp monitor"/>
  <spanitemprop="name">Dell UltraSharp 30" LCD Monitor</span>
    out of <spanitemprop="bestRating">100</span>
    based on <spanitemprop="ratingCount">24</span> user ratings
    to <spanitemprop="highPrice">$1495</span>
    from <spanitemprop="offerCount">8</span> sellers
        Save A Lot Monitors - $1250</a>
        Jon Doe's Gadgets - $1350</a>





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