joomla upgrade service

Joomla upgrades are available from all versions of joomla to the most up to date versions. 

We at Willows Consulting take the following into account when moving from one version of Joomla to the next. 

  1. New and old URL redirection after upgrades
  2. Internal Document links 
  3. Component updating
  4. Menu integrity testing
  5. Alias and Title integrity testing
  6. Section / Category mapping for all components

Some times the cost of an upgrade is more than the cost of a rebuild and when this is the case we recommend a rebuild to our clients. 

Depending on the amount of content, and the number of components & modules active on the site depends on the amount of time it will take to upgrade the version of Joomla. 

There maybe components that you are using that have not a version supported in the latest joomla versions. We have completed complex and ancient versions of Joomla/ Mambo upgrades with success. 

Please note : 

Beware of those who offer this service for $100, its a deal that is too good to be true.

The result will be SEO destruction to your carefully crafted and looked after site. Possibly the most expensive mistake you will ever make. 


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