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Merchant Credit Card Account

Do I need a Merchant Credit Card Account to operate my online store?

There are 2 options

1. Accept payments using a online purse, Paypal, WorldPay, ChronoPay, SecPay and P2P.

2. If you require funds to go straight into your bank account you need to acquire a merchant credit card account.

If you are using Realex Payments then you need to apply for a merchant credit card account. These are provided by the following Irish banks:

  • Bank of Ireland (Visa, Mastercard, Laser)
  • AIB (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Ulster Bank (Visa, Mastercard, Laser)
  • Amercian Express Ireland handle AMEX cards.

No other Irish banks provide these accounts as of 20/12/2009.

If you are using WorldPay or PayPal you do not need a merchant credit card account.

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