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We have been doing Jewelry Website Design for Jewellery Shops since 2002. When designing and deploying an ecommerce store for jewellery you have to take into account a number of important factors.

How is jewellery spelt in the location you are selling into. Is it Jewelry or Jewellery ? If you are a US based site it is Jewelry and if you are a UK english based site its jewellery. This is a really important consideration from an SEO point of view. Use the wrong one and your SEO efforts will be wasted.

Presentation is king. It is a beautiful product and must be displayed as such. People buying jewellery are buying a luxury and in doing so they expect a beautiful presentation of the product and well laid out content.

Product display and variants.

Rings are a complex product to display in a concise way on any eCommerce platform. Consider the dimensions of the products. A good example is; Metal type x ring size x stone x setting. This would be an example of a Ladies ring that comes in 9ct gold, 18ct gold, and platinum, with different coloured birth stones, with different settings. This can be 20 sizes x 3 metal types x 12 stones x 3 settings, a total of 2160 variants on each ring !

Gold is listed differently in the US. Also, you need to give information on hallmarks as these are the bonefides verification that the product you are selling is actually gold and not brass.

Ring Sizes scales are different around the world so these need to be explained to customers online.

This is why you never engage an eCommerce designer who has not developed a Jewellery website before. They will fall on the options trap and not know how to build for this. You will be left empty handed.

Payments and fraud screening are vital to the deployment of a jewellery store online. Because the product is small, valuable and easy to pass on/resell it attracts a lot of fraud. There are systems where you can get the shoppers address and other details checked against fraud databases in real time during a transaction.  

Shipping :  Always used tracked, signed for and tracked and traceable delivery. This helps if there is a charge-back disputing delivery.  

Security on the website has to be top notch so as to deter fraudsters and hackers. A cheaply put together website is a liability. Cheap production put on an overloaded and un-patched server is like leaving your high street store un-attended for long periods of time.

Linking into your POS may be worth considering especially if you want to sync prices in-store with the website automatically. We have linked with vendHQ and Bradstone for e-commerce jewellery sites.

eCommerce Jewellery Stores we have recently created.



5 ways to make your facebook post convert

Here are 5 ways to make your facebook posting lead to more sales. Posting products on facebook and promoting them is only part of what you should be doing.  You have to make your facebook expenditure return its investment. 

1. If you are sharing a link to a product have the link go to a page of simular products as well as the product you are promoting. This shows you have a range of products and not just the one you are promoting. Customers like choice so give them choice.

2. Stop using shortened urls as customers have no idea where these links go to are less likely to link than if they see a url with your domain name in it.

3. Create a product journey. Tell your audience about the expected new arrival of product. Then ask their opinion if this is something they are interested. Then get a celebrity to announce the product. Then hold a competition for the product and then release it for sale.

4. Create competitions from old and slow moving stock. When the result of the competition is announced also use this to announce a reduction in the item with a discount code. the code should be limited to a cerain number of uses and for a fixed period to create demand and urgency.

5. Create a limited offer. E.G. this offer is available to the first 5 who recommend this product to 5 others. Then you issue the promoters their discount coupon and annouce the recepients online.

As with all campaigns measure before and after. Measure engagement and compare to other campaigns. Originality wins out in a sea of medocre postings by bored  social medi managers.

Some interesting social media statistics.


Short URLS are dead

Short urls were invented to allow you to include a long url in a tweet without using up all the 140 characters.

The issu with shortened urls is that the reader of the link does not know where the link is actually too. With so much phishing originating with links in emails and websites it is not surprising that the general public has grown to distrust shortened links.

Recent test carried out by us have verified the same. From a facebook post when we shortened the url the click through rate was 75% less than when we did not shorten the link.  In fact the more the link read better as english the higher the click thru rate.

So if you are wondering why you tweets and social media posts have not been dropping off in link back rates this may be the reason. Try long urls, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Who invented Short links ? 

They were first mooted in a US patent in 2000, but were not used until 2005. Twitter brought them to popularity using  There are alot of other shortened links providers. Wordpress has their own service called , google has one called and so on. They have been subject to heavy abuse by spammers and as a result are getting black listed from alot of networks. They also contribute to linkrot. Link rot is where an shortened url service no longer has the shortened link in their library, and the original target of the link is still in existance. So of sites were linking to the content using the short link the SEO of the content is rotten because the link to the actual link is now dead.


Google Image Search product schema markup how to insert.

Google image search is now annotating the search with price and product rating information on mobile devices.

It means product search on mobile will appear like this.

This has huge benefits as it means there are fewer clicks to the product and it's quicker to select a product. However, the information is limited it provides so the store owner will be well advised to include a "call to action" on the text so as to get the client to click on the image and enter your site.

For the technical minded this is how it is implemented. Mainstream Ecommerce platform will possibly have a plugin for this.

To display product such as currency, ratings etc. in the rich image viewer on Google search:

Include the name, image, price, and priceCurrency properties. Alternatively, instead of price and priceCurrency, you can include any four properties and exclude price. has this listed and a code example is below on how to implement. Full documentation is here.

  <imgitemprop="image"src="dell-30in-lcd.jpg"alt="A Dell UltraSharp monitor"/>
  <spanitemprop="name">Dell UltraSharp 30" LCD Monitor</span>
    out of <spanitemprop="bestRating">100</span>
    based on <spanitemprop="ratingCount">24</span> user ratings
    to <spanitemprop="highPrice">$1495</span>
    from <spanitemprop="offerCount">8</span> sellers
        Save A Lot Monitors - $1250</a>
        Jon Doe's Gadgets - $1350</a>



10 SEO tools for Ecommerce

Here is a list of 10 must use Ecommerce SEO tools that we use to optimize and improve the rankings of our clients ecommece websites post delivery.


Ecommerce competitor analysis  :  great for competitor analysis and Keyword investigation and tracking. Good for when you are looking to improve your ranking on selected keywords. Excellent for spotting who the real competition is in organic keywords.


Google Web Analytics :  Correctly setup with sales values and remarketing tags this is the best performance measuring too but its becoming a science to setup correctly. Make sure your site has only 1 set of analytics tracking on it otherwise the results will be completely false and make you optimise incorrectly.


Google webmaster tools :  find out the items that google does not like about your site and get rid of them. Items to watch for, mobile test tool, rich text formatting markup tester, lost pages ( 404's ), number of inbound links that google sees and ranks.


Content Proof Reading : Try Grammarly, as search engines are getting smarter at recognising generated and hand written content so the standard of handwritten content goes up. Grammarly checks for gramattical mistakes, spelling and readibilty.


Heatmaps for ecommerce :  Create heatmaps on your site to discover the active content areas and the areas that are not used at all. Free for 1 site. Paid after 1 site but worth it.


SumoMe :  This tool is a collection of alot of other tools all under one roof. Heatmaps, Funnels, Content checkers, Signup forms, Surveys etc etc. Generally great central place for managing all the client interaction you would want on an ecommerce site. Great for collecting email signups and other visitor traffic information.


Creating Content :  We always say the content is the killer in any project. Getting great unique and well presented content takes time and effort. We have used in the past and found that they are excellent for getting those 1000 word blog posts together that you dont have the time todo.


Keyword research tool :  researching new keywords trying to be no 1 for all those niche words is not easy. It is also so easy to get side tracked into creating keywords that no one actually has ever searched for and simply add useless content to your site.


Product SEO :  we like to use terrapeak for this. Terra peak gives you insights into products that are trending on ebay and amazon. It also gives you the popular name for the best selling items in the selected genre. This gives you an excellent guide on how to name your product. . Always remember to name a product as its named in the market its selling. E.G Car Boot liners in the UK are completely different to a Car Boot line in the US. One is an large piece of rubber matting the other a shoe insole !


Price comparison :  We like because it is very easy and simple to see if our product is competitive locally. If we are competitive listing on pricespy will drive traffic to our site. Its excellent for spotting the competition and beating it quickly.

If you would like you ecommerce SEO managed please give us a shout for a quote on this link.

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