Opencart 3 has been just released. There are some new features and lots of bug fixes. 

Addons are now directly installable from the opencart market place. This means you can purchase and install the addons from within the control panel. The more addons you have the less likely the install is going to go 100% smoothly and you'll have to call your developer to sort out some javascript clashes. No big job. 

Translations are no crowd sourced. So there are lots more languages available and these are being corrected and improved every day. Its is linked with Crowdin Project. Its localisation nirvana for store owners. 

Theme and layout editor. Up until now we rely on great themes and theme builders like journal to create great looking stores. Opencart has started to bring this into the core and now you can do some basic layouts and theming yourself. Great for the DIY store owner who is not too fussed on production. Surperb production will still require the services of a talented graphic designer. 

Language Editor in the admin. Now you can change any message you see on the screen to suit your store. In the past this had to be done in the php translation files, now this can be done in the admin. 

Other changes have been the arrangement of items in the admin moving them from one place to the next to make it more logical. 

Good news is that most 2.3 addons will work with 3.0. 

If you are looking to migrate to version 3 we would advise you wait until 3.0.1 or 3.0.2. We would be happy to assist you. 


We now offer a litespeed retail to opencart addon.

You can sync, products, stock levels and prices from your POS to your online store automatically. 

You can push orders from your online store to litespeed so as to keep the stock levels correct. This is ideal if you are a highstreet retail store running an online channel. Our software links opencart with the litespeed API. The code is placed on your opencart installation and there is no need for a conduit platform to pass the data back and forth. There is an installation fee and a small optional yearly maintenance to cover updates and support you may have.

Please note  :  Because all opencart installations are different this is a custom piece of work and not an out of the box solution. Any developer telling you its plug and play has not done this before and is telling you what you want to hear.

AMP Ecommerce We provide AMP for Opencart. Through our addon you can now have your opencart site comply with the new Google Accellerated Mobile Page formatting.

What is this for ?  Google are focusing on mobile search results more  and to help increase the speed of your website on their mobile search they have introduced a website formatting that strips out formatting and keeps the basic information of the product and service for fast rendering on mobile devices.

Does this replace resposive sites ?  No responsive sites and rendering is still applicable to tablets.

Is this just another google fad ?  No google have committed to this format it is part of google's focus on mobile search improvements.

This is the seperation of mobile formats from tablet pc/laptop formats. The purpose is to get the information to the user fast.  This is especially important for sites that are selling product in the retail environment. It will speed up the web for ecommerce by the way it works as its essentially passing less data but keeping the important parts.

The answer is yes. Despite SAGE telling its customers it does not so as to force them onto SAGE. The trustly accounts package is so well built that it upgrades to windows 10 with absolutely no issues at all.

Furthermore it can be integrated to WooCommerce, Magento, and Opencart too. Send products, prices and stock levels to your website and push web orders to TasBooks.

Read all about it Opencart to Tasbooks.

Call us today for more details

There are some mods available that will auto update your ip to avoid the api error
You can remove it from the code by the following hack

 File :  catalog/controller/api/login.php

 line 20 , comment the code out, so it should be.

// $json['error']['ip'] = sprintf($this->language->get('error_ip'), $this->request->server['REMOTE_ADDR']);

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