Opencart Integrations

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We can now link Opencart to the following epos and accounts applications.    opencart to cybertill opencart to Cegid Opencart to Pursuit Opencart to G7 Opencart to Sanderson Opencart to Eurostop Opencart to Khaos Control Opencart to Microsoft Dynamics Ooencart to Visual 2000 Opencart to Top To Toe Opencart to Access Dimensions Opencart to Epicor

SmartFreight® to Opencart integration

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We now can integrate SmartFreight® to Opencart.  SmartFreight® is a Transport Management Systems (TMS). It is not a transport company like UPS or DHL. It helps you get the best rates from these providers.  IFS SmartFreight® Online is used to estimate shipping costs at the checkout using the most cost effective shipping method for you.  SmartFreight®

Paypal Payments

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We integrate Paypal payments to all opensource platforms. Opencart, OsCommerce, Zencart, Magento, Prestashop, Virtuemart, WooCommerce, Hikashop and bespoke PHP platforms. We support the following Paypal payment methods. Subscription payments One off payments Invoice Payments Multi-Currency Mobile Payments Staged payments or Lay-away Payment on Collection ( ebay ) Escrow ( ebay ) Paypal often proves to

Ecommerce Consulting Firm

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Willows Consulting is an ecommerce consulting firm providing comprehensive advice and consultancy based on building online stores since 2002. Our service includes : Ecommerce business discovery projects Writing RFT's Ecommerce project management Ecommerce process reviews UX review and development Developing KPI Building ecommerce teams Digital marketing Ecommerce secret shopper Customer experience and analysis Competitor analysis

NetPay Ireland

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We offer NetPay integrations to the following shopping carts. Opencart Magento Oscommerce Zencart VirtueMart WooCommerce Netpay allows for the following payment types.  Subscription billing Recurring payments of different amounts Card holder not present billing Netpay does require you to have a merchant credit card account in place.      

Saas Ecommerce vs Opensource

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Saas Ecommerce vs opensource ecommerce The debate between Saas based Ecommerce vs Opensource Ecommerce goes on.  Below we have done a comparison based on SEO Feature Saas OpenSource You own your ecommerce store independently No Yes You can add custom  features later No Yes Multi Channel selling ( ebay, amazon plugins ) Yes Yes You

opencart SMS printing

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We offer the following bundle that allows you to have a ready to go SMS remote printing for opencart 1. SMS printer fully configured for your site and fitted with a working SIM 2. Printer software communication addon for opencart vqmod 3. 2 way communication with your opencart installation the the SMS printer, good for

Types of Ecommerce Platforms

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There are 4 main types of ecommerce platform. 1. opensource ( E.G. opencart, prestashop, magento( requires vps or dedicated hosting ),   virtuemart, zencart, oscommerce ) 2. licensed and hosted by the store owner ( paid magento, actinic, shopify ) 3. Saas ( volusion, shopify ) 4. Pass ( platform as a

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