5 ways to make your facebook post convert for ecommerce

Here are 5 ways to make your facebook posting lead to more sales. Posting products on facebook and promoting them is only part of what you should be doing.  You have to make your facebook expenditure return its investment.

How to share a link

1. If you are sharing a link to a product have the link go to a page of simular products as well as the product you are promoting. This shows you have a range of products and not just the one you are promoting. Customers like choice so give them choice.

Stop shortening urls

2. Stop using shortened urls as customers have no idea where these links go to are less likely to link than if they see a url with your domain name in it.

Create a story

3. Create a product journey. Tell your audience about the expected new arrival of product. Then ask their opinion if this is something they are interested. Then get a celebrity to announce the product. Then hold a competition for the product and then release it for sale.

Competitions using old stock

4. Create competitions from old and slow moving stock. When the result of the competition is announced also use this to announce a reduction in the item with a discount code. the code should be limited to a cerain number of uses and for a fixed period to create demand and urgency.

Create a limited offer

5. Create a limited offer. E.G. this offer is available to the first 5 who recommend this product to 5 others. Then you issue the promoters their discount coupon and annouce the recepients online.

Measure measure measure

As with all campaigns measure before and after. Measure engagement and compare to other campaigns. Originality wins out in a sea of medocre postings by social media managers.

All businesses have a different customer base and therefore different methods work for some than others.


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