SAP Business One to PrestaShop

//SAP Business One to PrestaShop

Link SAP Business One to PrestaShop.Presta Shop Ireland

This is the meeting of an enterprise CRM with Enterprise ecommerce.
This middle-ware solution provides the following functions on your website.

Synced prices, stock levels, titles and descriptions: calls can be real time IF the webserver is hosted in the same LAN as your SAP Business One server
User account view of online and off line invoices and statements
Payment of accounts online
SKU based images and/or annexes
SAP Business OneEU VAT rules
Group Pricing
Customized shipping rules
Custom features can be coded in for your requirements specific requirments.
Available integration with procurement systems such as Ariba Punchout2Go are also available.

The more automated your ecommerce is the better you are prepared to scale and meet peaks of trade.

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