ZenCart Ireland

zencart irelandZenCart Ireland, providing a full support and modification service. One of the most popular opensource ecommerce products in use for Irish Ecommerce sites. zenCart started its life as a fork of oscommerce and brought a seperated template and design that was not present in oscommerce. Most customers remain with zencart becuase of its naturally good rankings in google organic results.

We provide the following ZenCart services :

  • Realex payments for ZenCart
  • Paypal integrations for ZenCart
  • Gallery 2 integrations for ZenCart allowing you to sell you photos and artwork online in conjuction with other products, e.g printed mugs tee shirts etc.
  • zenCart Hosting
  • zenCart integration to Sageline50
  • zenCart upgrades
  • zenCart custom modifications and addons
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