Sylius Ecommerce

sylius-ecommerce-logoWe are Sylius developers located in Ireland.  Its a highly extensible and flexible ecommerce system developed with the custom ecommerce solution in mind. You add the features you want.

Under the lid it is quite different and clever. It is using the php symphony framework. This means that addons are less likely to clash with other addons and therefore the build cycle is more agile and shorter. We know from using the symphony framework that its a well formed mature platform to develop on.

You are reading about Sylius because you have never heard of it before. From our work on this platform we can say its the first time we are pretty excited about a platform thats getting it right from the off. A great community of developers and some serious quality code that is going to be around for years.  It has already been adapted by the larger agencies and some large enterprise level ecommerce stores.

Full eCommerce features

  • Sell on multiple channels
  • Multiple currencies
  • Localisation
  • Products catalog
  • Product options and attributes
  • Taxonomies
  • Customers & groups
  • Address book
  • Cart, Orders & invoices
  • Taxes
  • Shipping
  • Image cropping
  • Customizable checkout process
  • Promotions and discount coupons
  • Many payment methods
  • Social logins

The demos are  available below to test drive.

Payments Integration

Payments supported. Paypal, Stripe, We are developing a realex and an Elavon payment gateway. So you will have realex for sylius soon.

Administration Panel

To access administration panel, use the following credentials:

Password: sylius

B2C Shop

To access default B2C shop, use the following credentials:

Password: sylius

See some sites that are built with Sylius.

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