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///Bespoke Web Development
Custom Web Development

We provide a means for your clients to interact with you. This provides you with a means of dynamically generating and collecting data from the Web and storing this in your own database. You can use this information later to generate reports, newsletter lists, quotations, linkages with other systems you may have.

Database driven applications on your Web site mean you can get the user to insert their details, requirements and data, leaving you to process the data instead of entering it.

A properly developed web application allows you the ability operate more efficiently. You will have complete control over your data right at your fingertips!  Integrating complex and diverse systems via web applications is our forte and something we do exceptionally well.

Examples of custom Web site applications we have recently developed:

  • House moving capacity calculator: This allows the client to enter in the details and the Web site owner can immediately see the estimated cubic capacity of the house or office move. This saves hours on estimation time.
  • Donation Management System: A donation management systems apportioning donations to volunteers who are fundraising, integrated with civicrm, realex to make a complete donor profile and management for a leading Irish Charity.
  • Patient tracking system: A Group of surgeons tracking the success rates of surgery performed in their field enter the data as the patients arrive. They can quickly see the success rates and trends in new procedures and determine whether to continue with them or not.
  • Orchestra player manager: Keep track of which players have played which concerts, allowing players to mark themselves available for particular concerts and allowing the manager to communicate en masse with players for a particular concert.
  • Fishing License Management and sales application. Allows for the management and maintenance of fishing licenses online. Please follow the link to find out more.
  • Custom Job board, google mapping and job scraping applications
  • Satellite broadband fulfilment systems linked with CRMs.
  • Domestic waste managment systems fully integrated with back-end office systems and bin lifting software. See for more information.
  • Datalogger management systems for tracking data loggers inserted onto shipments of medical product to monitor location, temperature and altitude of a shipment. The data loggers are recycled and the information stored online and fed into internal back office systems
  • Complex ecommerce systems linking with stock control, bck office fulfilment systems and data feeds for the car parts industry where over 1/2 a million parts are stored online read for sale.
  • Data feeds for ecommerce systems to update stock that us drop shipped from external shippers.
  • And many more that are located on our left menu.

If you have diverse systems and are looking to have an application to link them all together so as to save you processing time please call us to discuss your project.

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