Punchout for Ecommerce

Punchout for Ecommerce

This is the method of getting product from your ecommerce site into your customers procurement system. It is a requirement for many suppliers to be able to link in  with these systems. If you cannot do punchout then you are not going to be allowed to supply or sell. Typically organisations using punchout are large and will have refined processes for ordering.

The flow is that the procurement system using punchout gets all the prices and products from your ecommerce site. These are presented as options to purchase in the organisations procurement system.  The order is placed and passed back to your ecommerce site and is processed like any other online order. You fulfill the order and push your invoice up into their procurement system.

This means you can now get paid faster and there is more automation of the order process.

Procurement systems like Ariba, Sciquest, Unimarket and Coupa to name but a few can now be linked to your ecommerce platform directly. This means you push your product in realtime to purchasing managers and receive orders direct from your customers procurement systems.

Imagine not having this in place and missing out on large lucrative orders.

We have implemented :

  • punchout for opencart
  • punchout for prestashop
  • punchout for oscommerce
  • punchout for zencart

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