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intact ecommerce integration

intact ecommerce integration

Intact  Accounts is a full featured industry standard accounting and erp system for medium to large businesses. Link INTACT to Ecommerce to save hours of data entry and open your business for sales 24/7.

How to Link Intact to Ecommerce ?

We will sync the following data:

  1. Product Titles
  2. Product Prices
  3. Customer specific pricing and discounting
  4. Stock Levels
  5. Customer balances
  6. Customer details ( addresses, email, contact phone etc. )
  7. Bespoke data flows available
  8. Post Orders from your website into Intact
    1. Posted with discounts
    2. Specific delivery addresses
    3. Shipping as a separate line


Typically stock levels will update every hour and orders will post every 15 minutes.

When you link Intact to Ecommerce your customers can place orders online 24/7. You can have sales reps recording orders on tablets and these getting picked up for distribution 15 minutes later.

We link Intact to the following opensource ecommerce platforms.

  • Opencart to INTACT
  • WooCommerce to INTACT ( for inventories of less than 1000 SKU’s )
  • Prestashop to INTACT
  • Shopify and BigCommerce INTACT integration
  • And other bespoke INTACT integrations to web applications

We build and design b2b ecommerce sites too.

Note : All INTACT installations are different. There is no out of the box solution and anyone selling you an out of the box solution does not know what they are doing.  All require customization.  Your stock levels must be accurate to display stock levels to customers. Remember if you show as in-stock your customer expects a shipment.

Intact Accounts is a enterprise accounting system developed in Ireland.

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