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//Ecommerce Hosting Ireland
ecommerce slowness loses sales

Ecommerce Slowness Costs Revenue

Ecommerce Hosting Ireland

We provide specialist Ecommerce hosting for Irish sites.

Tired of being on slow servers where you are not sure if they are being updated ?

Getting poor page speed results? Even after you have zipped and crushed everything.  Its time to get proper hosting.

Our ecommerce hosting provides the following options.

Hosting Options

1 Dedicated Hosting on a fully managed AWS box. Scalable to 72 CPUs and 1 TB SDD’s  This will take a max of 20k concurrent users.  Prices start @ €450 per month + vat.

2 Shared Hosting where we have a max of 20 sites hosted per server. Its shared hosting but low tenancy. We bundle all the same platforms on the 1 server. So we have a wordpress server, prestashop server, opencart server, joomla server, custom php application server.  Prices start @ €450 per year + vat.


We are 100% up front and honest when it comes to hosting. All our hosting setups that are fully managed.  Our hosting is not cheap. We do not compromise on quality,  this is where we are different.

We have full access to every site and know each customer, there is no auto signup onto our servers.

Imagine how you could climb the rankings with a properly configured and managed server. It might be €450 a month very well spent.

Our Conditions on Shared Servers:

  1. Auto update of all opensource software must be turned on.
  2. If your traffic is less than 2000 visits per day.
  3. Bulk emailing is not allowed, you do this on mailchimp.
  4. You can choose your version  of PHP but we do not support out of date PHP on shared boxes. We can on dedicated boxes.

Summary :

Slow hosting equals a slow site.  Slow sites rank poorly on google. Slow sites have low conversion rates.

Call us today with your specification and we will be happy to quote you. Contact Us



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