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//Shopwired to Sage Link

Shopwired to Sage LinkLinking Shopwired to Sage50 or 200 will save you 100’s of hours of re-keying, reduce errors to zero and allow you to process your customers online orders faster.

Using our S50Cloud conduit and Shopwires API we create a Shopwired to Sage Link.   We link the 2 systems seamlessly synchronizing Products, Prices, Stocks, Customers and sending online orders back to Sage.

The items synced from Sage to Shopwired.

  • Prices ( including customer group pricing )
  • Stock levels
  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Categories
  • Customers

The items synced from Shopwired to Sage.

  • New customers
  • Orders
  • New Products if not found on Sage ( so you can make the website populate sage only with stock that sells, ideal for drop shipping )

If you are starting out in ecommerce and do not have the budget to develop your own standalone store then Shopwired maybe the answer. Shopwired is a Saas ecommerce solution.

Remember investment in automation pays a return every day.

We also link

  • Shopwired to TasBooks
  • Shopwired to Greentree
  • Shopwired to Sage200
  • Shopwired to Sage50
  • Shopwired to SageCloud

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