BigCommerce Design and Development.

We provide the following BigCommerce Services :

  • Custom Template Designs
  • Custom pages ( ones that are outside of what you can do with the built in widgets )
  • Integrations with
    • POS systems
    • ERP systems
    • Accounting packages
      • Sageline 50
      • Sage 200
      • TasBooks
      • Custom API interface calls. I.E you have another system you want to link up to BigCommerce but don’t know where to start ?

What is BigCommerce ?

BigCommerce is a SAAS ecommerce platform that provides many advanced add-ons for ecommerce store owners. The billing is per month and based on transaction % and a monthly rental fee. There is an excellent API provided and this allows you to interface other systems if you know a good developer who knows BigCommerce. Addons are available, some are free and some are a monthly rent.

It is suited to businesses where their selling model is very standard, you don’t have a huge budget and you have plenty of margin that can withstand their fees.

It has many advantages is the way it links with other applications, marketplaces and logistics management systems. Most of these are US/Canada based and would not be available to Irish or European sellors.

If you require bespoke processes or features on the site and these are not available in rentable plugins you have to get a developer who will create the addon and then publish and maintain this on the BigCommerce platform for you. Chances are slim of locating one of these as they will have only 1 client for the plugin, that’s you !


Contact Us today with your requirements and we will be happy to help.

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