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Looking to integrate your sage200 to ecommerce ?

You have come to the right place.  Link all your products, prices and customer data to your b2b and b2c website. Full integration and creation of a web portal for your customers to view their accounts and past history.

Our ecommerce solution works in conjunction with other Sage200 providers. Our ecommerce to sage200 link will  :

  • Synchronise Prices and Stock levels to your ecommerce site.
  • Synchronise Customer specific Pricing for logged in customers on your site
  • Provide a customer web portal for your customers to view their account 24/7
  • Collect web orders and payments and send these to Sage 200

This integration saves hours of double entry of data, errors and hours in updating websites with pricing and stock information. Once your products are setup all the updates are then automatic.

Our ecommerce system allows you to offer reward points to your customers to encourage them to use your online portal. This frees up staff to concentrate on looking for new customers.

We link :

Sage200 to Opencart

Sage200 to WooCommerce

Sage200 to Prestashop

Sage200 to Shopify

Sage200 to BigCommerce

Checklist before you start your integration ?

  1. Make sure your stock is accurate. No minus or 0.5 of a sku in stock.
  2. Make sure all your prices are 100% accurate
  3. Make sure all your customres have a unique email address as the accounts contact
  4. Don’t bother filling in images or descriptions in Sage as these will not come across in the web bridge formatted correctly.
  5. If you have a big inventory look at matching up product images by sku or bar code. This will prevent you loading up 1000’s images manually.
  6. In Sage 200 you will have extra analysis codes , use these for controlling prices and discount groups
  7. Try not to have complex discounting systems as these are not always possible to replicate on a website.
  8. Make sure all your Customer data is complete because it will be exported onto the website.
  9. Get permission from your customers to move their account online.
  10. Look at using sagepay as a payment providers as it will reconcile online payments inside in sage 200

Leverage our experience in this area. Many b2b businesses using sage 200 have seen a large rise in sales, a drop off in customer account support calls, thus freeing up staff to do more marketing and sales.

Call Sean today on +353 1 52 42 100 for a free quote.

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