New Cookie Compliance for ecommerce action list

The Digital Markets Act (DMA), which is new EU legislation coming into effect in March 2024, designates Google as a “gatekeeper”, and as such, it is required to align with the DMA’s objective for a fair and open digital market.

In light of this, Google introduced a major update called “Consent Mode V2” to enable advertisers to capture conversion data from the EEA while complying with the Digital Markets Act.

Integrating Consent Mode v2 requires an update through a Cookie Management Platform (CMP). This involves significant updates to the CMP setup, including new code insertions for consent management and a rebuild of the CMP script itself with a requirement to implement manually through google tag manager.


Q: Do I need to supply a list of my customers to google ? 

No –  there are many spurious agents contacting eCommerce businesses asking for lists of customers so as they can make their site compliant.  Like all requests for customer lists they should be acted upon with extreme caution. After all its your business intelligence and most important asset.

There can be confusion where google request customer emails and name for “audience manager” in google adwords. This has no link nor is a requirement to Consent Mode V2.

Actions for Consent Mode v2 :

Implement a Cookie management tool that has a facility to integrate the Google Consent Mode V2 requirements into it.

If required then your Cookie Management Tool will either need to be updated or replaced with a Cookie Management Tool which will manage the changes.

Check your Cookie Management Tool is “Consent Mode V2” compatible and DMA compliant.

Update you Cookie Policy on your website to reflect the new changes.

Notify your existing customers when they revisit your site to accept new cookie terms.

If you would like more information on Consent Mode V2 from google please contact us and we will be happy to help no matter your platform.


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