Abbreviations used in ecommerce

E-commerce Abbreviations – been at a meeting and keep hearing abbreviations and afraid to ask what they mean.

Every ecommerce manager needs to know what these are . One day you will be asked :  what your BI is on your LTV on PPC acquired customers using BNPL for the EMEA region,  and you are going to nod and try to remember these acronyms to lookup later.

3PL 3rd Party Logistics
AI Artificial Intelligence
AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages
AOV Average Order Value
API Application Programming Interface
AR Augmented Reality
ASO App Store Optimisation
ATC Add to Cart
ATS Average time on site
ATV Average Transaction Value
AWS Amazon Web Service
B&M Brick and Mortar
B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Consumer
B2E Business to Employee
BAM Brick and Mortar
BI Business Intelligence
BNPL Buy Now Pay Later
BOGO Buy One Get One Free
BOGOF Buy One Get One Free
BOM Bill of Materials
BOPIS Buy Online Pickup In
BPA Business Process Automation
BPM Business Process Management
BR Bounce Rate
CAC Customer Acquistion Cost
CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate
CAR Cart Abandonment Rate
CCR Customer churn rate
CDN Content Delivery Network
CDO Chief Digital Officer
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CIO Chief Intelligence Office
CLV customer lifetime Value
CMO Chief Marketing Officer
CMS Content Management System
COD Cash on Delivery
COO Chief Operating Officer
CPA Cost Per Action
CPC Cost Per Click
CPI Cost Per Impression
CPL Category Product Listing
CPM Cost Per Mille
CR Conversion Rate
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRO Conversion Rate Optimization
CSC Card Security Code
CSE Comparison Shopping Engine
CSR Customer Service Representative
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CSV Comma separated Values
CTA Call to Action
CTO Chief Technical Officer
CTR Click Through Rate
CVC Card Verification Code
CVV Card Verification Value
CX Customer Experience
D2C Direct To Consumer
DAM Data Asset Management
DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid
DFO Data Feed Optimization
DIM Dimensional Weight
DNS Domain Name System
DOM Document Object Model
DTP Days to Purchase
DWH Data Warhouse
EAI Enterprise Application Integration
EBIT Earnings Before Interes And
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
FAK Freight All Kinds
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FCMG Fast Moving Consumer Goods
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FUD Fear Uncertainty and Doubt
GA Google Analytics
GA4 Google Analytics version 4
GCP Google Cloud Platform
GM General Manager
HCI Human Computer Interaction
IPO Initial Public Offering
ISP Internet Service Providers
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LOI Letter Of Intent
LPO Landing Page Optimization
LSA Latent Symantic Analysis
LSI Latent Symantic Indexing
LTK Long Tail Keywords
LTL Less Than Truckload
LTV life time value
M&A Mergers And Acquisitions
MACH Microservice API Cloud Headless
MAM Media Asset Management
MD Managing Director
MMS Multimedia Messaging Service
MoM month on month
MP3 MPEG 1 Audio Layer
MVP Minimum Viable Product
MVT Multivariate Testing
NDA None Disclosure Agreement
NLP Natural Language Processing
NPS Net Promoter Score
OKR Objectives And Key Results
OMS Order Management System
OOS Out of Stock
OPM Outsourced Program Management
ORM Online Reputation Management
OS Operating System
P&L Profit And Loss
PCI Payment Card Industry
PDP Product Detail Page
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PIM Product Information Management
PLP Product Listing Page
POS Point of Sale Terminal
QoQ quarter on quarter
QSA Qualified Security Assessor
RDF Resource Description Framework
REP Robots Exclusion Protocol
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotation
RFT Request for Tender
RIA Rich Internet Application
ROI Return on Investment
RSS Rich Site Summary
SAAS Software As A Service
SAS Statistical Analysis System
SEM Search Engine Marketing
SEO Search Engine Optimization
SERP Search Engine Results Page
SKU Stock keeping Unit
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLR Service Level Request
SMM Social Media Marketing
SMO Social Media Optimization
SMS Short Message Service
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SOW Statement of Work
SSI Server Side Includes
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TLA Three Letter Abbreviation
TLD Top Level Domain
TLS Transport Layer Security
TOS Terms of Service
TPL Third Party Logistics
UCE Unsolicited Commercial Email
UGC User Generated Content
UI user interface
URL Uniform Resource Locator
USP Unique Selling Proposition
UVP Unique Value Proposition
UX user experience
VAN Value Added Network
VAR Value Added Reseller
VAT Value added Tax
VTP Visits to Purchase
VTR View Through Rate
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WAI Web Accessibility Initiative
WAO Web Analytics Optimization
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WML Wireless Markup Language
WMS Warehouse Management System
XML Extensible Markup Language
YoY Year on year


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