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We specialise in the developement of complex high volume B2B ecommerce stores in Ireland, UK and US. B2B ecommerce is growing and becoming vital to the operation of a businesses. Wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and online service providers are developing b2b ecommerce because its a way to cut dispatch times by 24 hours, keep their customers up to date, and keep sales reps mobile and free up staff who are rekeying orders.

Some of the features we offer for b2b ecommerce that you should consider.

  • Sage Line 50/200 integration, tasbooks, epicor, sanderson, retail integration, dataset, CORE and many more.
  • Integration with other accounts systems on request.
  • Customer specific pricing ( qty. discounts per customer )
  • Customer group pricing ( group customers into buying groups )
  • Unlimited product lines, ( we have stores with 4.5m line items live )
  • Moderated Customer accounts. ( control who shops for trade prices )
  • Multiple Online Payment methods including 3d secure ( accept cash, account, credit cards )
  • Online Payment Integration. Stripe, Sagepay, Realex, WorldnetTPS, paypal and many other payment processors.
  • Off-site backup and restore service.
  • Multiple reports on product views and performance.
  • Complex stock updates.
  • Complex addons by request.
  • Integration with shipping e.g DPD, Fastway, DHL, UPS
  • Provide stock and pricing updates to your customers websites ( you control the online price of your products on their sites )
  • Integration to Punchout2go. This allows for your product to be pushed into procurement systems like ariba, oracle, sap.
  • Stock control options
  • Customer transaction account view, frees your accounts office from repriinting invoices for tardy payers !

Our product assists purchasing managers to speed up their purchasing of repeat items and to get the agreed prices online. This in turn allows sales people to cover more accounts. Prices can be feed right into purchasing managers screens where they are making purchasing decisions.

Our product has been introduced helping businesses to record their customer pricing eliminating the potential for price queries on previously agreed prices.

We currently have this kind of ecommerce installed in many wholesale distribution businesses.

Most businesses who implement b2b ecommerce will experience a 20% increase in sales over 2 years from their online channel. We are seeing up to 45% takeup in some sectors.

The b2b ecommerce market is bigger than the b2c market. 

Forbes report the b2b ecommerce is will be worth $6.7 trillion by 2020 read here

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When you close your office, do your customers shop at the competition ?

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Most business owners only get to restock after normal trading hours.


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