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Black Friday ChecklistWe have an Black Friday and Cyber Monday checklist that you can use as a template for preparation for retails biggest online event of the year.

The checklist as been compiled from reviewing the last 5 years black Fridays plans over 40 clients. Some of the items may not be relevant but others may get you thinking outside of your traditional areas.

The success of your black Fridays campaigns campaigns is directly linked to the amount of forward planning, Planning has to start from the January before the event where you identify, source and secure supplies of the product.

Deciding on the Thursdays before black Fridays that you will do a reaction campaign is not advisable yet here in our agency we get many calls to do a 5% discount on everything and free shipping now. I see this as a huge missed opportunity. With planning and calmness this can be turned into a much larger more profitable event for your business.

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Black Friday Check List.
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