ECommerce Payments

///ECommerce Payments
E-commerce always requires some sort of payment facility. Typically a site will offer 2 payment types: Credit card and or Cheque. You can specify more types depending on the nature of your business.

How do I get the payment from the customer into my bank account securely?

To do this you must engage a credit card processing company that will process  some or all of the following card types for you.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Laser, Swift and JCB

Credit card processing systems with which we integrate are: Realex, WorldPay  and PayPal.

* Please note:

  • WorldPay do not accept Amercian Express cards for Ireland
  • Paypal do not accept Laser Cards
  • Realex charge per transaction regardless of value

Please note further: Realex is a conduit processor, you still need a merchant  account with your bank for processing credit cards. There will be a percentage  deducted by the credit card company for the transaction. The advantage of realex  is the client never leaves your site to make the payment and realex collect  these payments and batch them to the bank once a day.

3D secure adds a level of security for the merchant where they are not held  liable for charge backs on fraudulent cards. It is the equivalent of Chip and  Pin for the web. Ideal for big ticket high risk items such as jewelry and Electrical  goods

Bank of Ireland, AIB and Ulster Bank are the only Irish banks that will setup  merchant credit card accounts.

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