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What is E-marketing? This is the communication to many prospective clients using email, or online advertising.

We can provide a set of tools on your Web site to gather email addresses, phone numbers, etc of prospective clients. We then use this information to create email newsletters and SMS messages. We can then use the feedback from these e-marketing techniques to determine hot prospects. It could not be easier to find a sales lead.

All our E-marketing tools are based on opt-in email and other ethical data collection techniques. We do not sell email lists. It is vitally important not to become listed as a spammer. Only by hosting your own e-marketing and running it will you reduce this risk.

You will collect, read, reject, bounce and link-follow statistics for all emails sent. This is the information you use to target more clients and track interest levels in specified offerings.

How do I avoid becoming a spammer?

We have tools that you can put proposed emails through to see if they will get caught in regular spam guards. The effectiveness of an email is that it is short, sweet, offers something real, gets the reader onto your site and most importantly makes them purchase or lift the phone to your organisation.

What our email marketing product offers
  • Archives and gives stats on emails sent
  • It tells us the number of times the email has been opened
  • It tells us the links that were followed
  • It keeps our lists safe, they are on our servers no one else has access to them
  • You can run a list of any size
  • You can schedule a message for the future
  • It manages unsubscribes and gets feed back from the unsubscribe
  • You can integrate a signup form on any site with a spam filter
  • You can get notified every time a person signs up
  • From a sales point of view we know what our readers are interested in and what they are not interested in.
  • There is a one time installation, training and software cost. No recurring fees or limits on number of lists or number of emails you can send.
What next?
Call today ( 085 7315293 ) for a free 15 minute consultation. We can help you launch that new property, product or Web site using our e-marketing tools.
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