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eCommerce reviews how to get the most from them.

Scenario : you are using review apps on your ecommerce website and it collects reviews and ratings. This data is valuable,  in this blog post we will show you how to turn your reviews into marketing .

There are plenty review applications that eCommerce site owners install and then leave to run for years only paying attention to the negative comments and seeing it as a pain to maintain and generating no revenue.

Well this is where you are missing a huge trick.

Tip 1.

Export all your reviews into a excel or csv sheet.  You should be backing these up anyway in case your review app goes pop and you lose all this data you paid for.  Separate the list into good and bad. IE 5,4 stars and then 3,2,1 stars.

Tip 2.

Use Word Counter to find the keywords your customers use in their testimonials. These are what we call “value statements”.  The reason you are doing this is to identify the  keywords customers use to describe your business and products. These are the words that resonate with them.  Use Word Counter to find the 1, 2 and 3 word phrases people use.

Tip 3.

Get these words / phrases and use them in your ad copy on al your channels. These are the words your customers use and relate to. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results and the click though rates.

“excellent service”

“replied the same day”

“delivered promptly”

“34k happy customers”

“quality product”

“will purchase again”

“best solution I found”


Tip 4.

In the bad reviews look for the objections and complaints.  I.E. “it ran in the wash”  “it was smaller than I thought” , “used it for x did not work” “I want my money back” etc etc.  These may seem like noise and of no value , wrong they are more valuable than the good reviews, these are the reasons you lose customers.

Complaint :

“it ran in the wash” :  send care instructions on the order acknowledgement email and include in the packaging

“It was smaller than I thought”  :  Insert product dimensions and a picture of some one holding the product.

“used it for x did not work” :  Add copy to show what it is useful for and what it is not useful for.

“I want my money back” :  display a refund policy clearly at every step.

In your ad copy use phrases that speak to the objections so as to ally pre-purchase customer concerns.

“it ran in the wash” :  “See special care instructions”

“It was smaller than I thought”  :  “Neat and compact, weighs only 30 grams fits in hand bag”

“used it for x did not work” : “This product can even be used to”

“I want my money back” : “If you are not happy we will refund”

The way to get customers to act on an ad is to beat the objections, answer the concerns, solve an issue, and answer the curiousity of the customer. Dont get tied up in pushing your message and sell sell sell, that  is what your competitors do because they collect reviews and do not mine them for additional data that is actually in plain sight.

This is essentially user generated content and when it comes to marketing, user generated content is the most powerful as its seen as more genuine and speaks to more customers than owner generated content.

Conclusion :

Mine your reviews for  user content, use this in your marketing and messaging. Its a waste not to as you are paying for these reviews anyway on your site.