Email E-marketing Ireland

///Email E-marketing Ireland

emarketingEmail e-marketing tools that will save you hours and get you right to the hottest leads and sales opportunities. Our email marketing tools identify your readers actions providing valuable feedback on reactions to your products.

Services provided :

  • design and build of email templates
  • analysis of results of sending

We can identify where the reader went on your site after they read your email. We always recommend and follow email protocols and do not facilitate list selling or swapping. We only operate opt-in email e-marketing.

Custom Subscriber Fields
Don’t leave your subscribers hanging dry by sending listless junk mailings. Add any number of subscriber fields to personalize every aspect of your mailing.


Advanced Statistical Tracking
Advanced statistical tracking gauges the effectiveness of your mailings; useful in any marketing campaign. Using these features, you can generate Most Popular Links graphs, Successful vs. Unsuccessful emails, Bounced Addresses, and Read/Open graphs. This graphical statistical data can be used to report and predict marketing trends, and help focus future mailings.

Per-List Settings
Email e-marketing is an attractive alternative to traditional newsletters for spreading catalogue or product information to a broad list of subscribers. Limit and set functions by the list for each set of subscribers.


Real-Time Email Monitoring
Don’t waste time, money, and paper shipping out flimsy direct mailings. Instantly distribute your corporate mailings to clients, customers, and business partners. Monitor the effectiveness of those mailings.


Identifiable Results
Email e-marketing is a good way for subscribers to stay up-to-date with industry events, product or event announcements, and connect with groups of people with similar interests. Expand and maintain your client base while spreading your brand identity.


Archived Messages
Archival registries of past messages can be searched and accessed at anytime. You can even turn them into a template for future mailings. You can choose to make a public archive section available to your subscribers.


Customisable Content
Leave your audience wanting more. Create customised newsletters that generate return traffic to your Web site and boost service value.


Advanced Importer
For larger mailing lists, you can save time on the initial setup by importing your existing mailing lists directly into the subscription list. An advanced importer allows you to easily import a list of subscribers with any number of subscriber fields.


Automated Features
Email e-marketing effectively manages your list mailings for you. Automated features, including Auto-Responders, Bounced Email Checks and Handling, and Automatic Message Stalling Detection  all ensure that time and resources aren’t lost on maintenance and upkeep.

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