Googles latest update has killed my traffic what to do ?

So google has updated their index and your site that ranked no 1 for lots of words has dropped to page 2.

First thing most will do is panic and hope the boss is not watching the stats carefully.

If you have been engaging in Black Hat SEO, bad news you have been possibly nicked and you have a ton of work to do to recover.

If you are NOT been doing Black Hat SEO read on.

Our experience over the past 3 years to massive drops in traffic has been the traffic all recovered again over time.

See the image for the latest trend.

See for the graph for the previous Google update for all of 2019.

As you can see the feb 2020 update is huge in comparison to other updates.

Google is constantly getting rid of poor content and sites with light or poor quality content that users click off quickly will suffer.

So what did we do to recover our rankings ? Absolutely nothing.

If your ranking recovers in line with your competitor or ahead of them then happy days.

If our rankings had not recovered in line with other sites we would be taking note and doing a comparison to see if we had inadvertently fallen foul of some google quality guide.

Remember if your ranking dips some other site takes your place. It is important to find who that is and try to figure out the reason and see if this would apply to your site. Be careful not to fall into another sites Black Hat SEO technique.

Best rule in SEO. Provide content that your customers want, read and share.  If this is not happening then you are wasting your efforts.

If you like us to setup reporting like this please let us know. Contact us today .

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