How to link Sage50 to Shopify

We have decided to write this post in response to the many calls we get for this.  It will save you time in the future.

When we refer to sage50 here we mean the UK edition not the US or Canadian version – which is rebranded peachtree.

When linking Shopify to Sage50 there are limitations on what you can do. The limitations are due to the 2 systems having different datasets and different scopes.

Its easier to list what you cannot achieve. We have been doing this since 2017 so we know the limitations.

  • Shopify discounts cannot be sent to sage50 orders. Sage50 orders do not allow discounts until they are converted to invoices. Even at this in Sage50 the discount is apportioned across all the order lines and not just a subtraction off the total line. So its “possible” in theory but not worth the effort.  Run the discounts later as a credit note ! easier to manage. The issue is that Sage wants to record the discount against a product – shopify and ecommerce record a discount as an order total line.
  • Sage group pricing can be replicated to Shopify but you need a shopify wholesale app to handle this. ( only group pricing can be done – Sage has 5 types of price discount and group is only 1 of them. )
  • Discount codes and coupons cannot be translated onto a sage50 sales order.
  • Sage50 has no management for loyalty points.
  • Shopify allows for multi currency orders – this is possible in sage50 but you have to setup the customer account previous to the order coming in.
  • Shopify have API limits –  you will only run into these if you have an inventory of over 100k products updating every hour.
  • There is no way to show Sage50 customer invoices in Shopify, you can do it with this product. ( )

So if none of the above are an issue for you –  typically you are selling and not using discount coupons or codes and have no product variants.

You will now need the following.

  • Private Shopify App to manage order exporting ( custom coded )
  • Private Shopify App to handle price and stock updates ( custom coded )
  • An account on ( application links sage50 to a web portal )

This is not an out of the box solution – all installations are custom. There are companies offering out of the box solutions – its not possible and misleading.

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