Mambo Training Ireland

///Mambo Training Ireland

Have you taken delivery of a Mambo site, or inherited it and now are being asked to update it? Get the most from your Mambo Site with our training courses.

Our 1/2 Day Course will cover the following topics:

1.  Create, edit, delete, and publish Sections and Modules
2.  Create, edit, delete, publish and link new pages
3.  Manage menu items, arrange and move them
4.  How modules work
5.  Create a module
6.  Add new Components to your site
7.  Add new Modules to your site
8.  Create your own Modules
9.  Secure your site from outside interferance

Our Full Day Course also includes:

10. Install addons
11. Design and install new templates

If you are still operating on Mambo you should seriously consider migrating to joomla. Mambo is currently not supported nor are there any updates available for it. Its last update was may 2009.

All trainees have access to our online Mambo tips and tricks and updates. We know what addons work, which are the good versions and so on. This saves you hours of trying out components.

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