Opencart Development

Opencart Development since 2011.

Opencart is a widely used e-commerce platform in Ireland and across the word. It is known for its stability, speed and excellent SEO performance. It is fully customisable with a range of over 20,000 addons and templates.  Willows Consulting employ 5 Opencart Developers who all have over 5 years opencart experience.  Willows Consulting are the only accredited opencart developers for the Irish Market.

Opencart DevelopmentWe offer the following opencart development services:

The risk of not using an experienced Opencart Developer .

  • Some may hack straight into the core and break the upgrade path of opencart.
  • Some may develop by breaking the existing table structure. When this is done it is too late. You essentially have paid to have your Opencart installation broken for upgrade.
  • You out your income at risk
  • You break the site for future updates
  • You break existing addons
  • Opencart has a unique and clever addon system that works, we develop all our addons using this framework with the aim of preserving SEO and the upgrade path of Opencart.
  • You as a store owner will only find out that your store core  code was hacked when it is too late.

Always use an accredited company with a track record. Do not be a penny-wise and and pound foolish ! It is your business and income do not risk it to a back bedroom hacker.

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