Opencart Training

OpenCart Training.

We provide opencart training.

1/2 day fast paced course. Aimed at ecommerce managers/operators. The course is given by opencart developers who know the product inside and out.

Store Owner/Operator

  1. Configuration of store
  2. Manage and setup Product
  3. Manage Categories
  4. How product attributes work
  5. How product options work
  6. How to Manage Sales and develop a process flow
  7. How to monitor for fraud
  8. Multi currency, multi lingual
  9. Customer setup
  10. Customer Groups
  11. Complex Pricing methods
  12. Discounts and Specials setup
  13. Product Images
  14. Tax configuration
  15. Shipping Method setup
  16. Payment method setup
  17. User Setup and Permissions
  18. How to install addons
  19. How to make your site perform well for SEO
  20. How to protect your site from hacks
  21. Your Data Protection Act compliance process
  22. How to monitor and handle ratings
  23. Review of available addons that will help your site

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The course is available in English and French.



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