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Mobile sales went through the roof !

The new website on going immediately has doubled its mobile visitors. Session times are longer and best of all mobile sales are up 95%.

The whole process of putting up stock has been streamlined and now takes a fraction of the time it did before. We have removed 5 manual steps in the process.

Fulfilling orders has been made easier too. With a fastway couriers integration the manual actions when processing an order have been reduced.

Bad postal addresses have been eliminated and better responses to the customers have been developed.

Shoerack. Dublin, Ireland

Clean easy to use website, we have to be mobile focused. The website has to incorporate all the best practices found on leading footwear websites in the world.
The customer experience has to be top class from a UX and ease of use point of view on mobile mostly then tablet and then on desktop.

The website is also required to link in with the new POS system where prices and items in stock are updated hourly. The admin area of the site has to be developed so that all the branches can fulfil orders from the store nearest to the customer.

Order fulfilment was delayed before by incomplete addresses now there is a smart address detection in the admin to prevent badly addressed orders going to the shipping company.

Automated creation of manifest files for fastway so there are zero errors on shipping and the customer is kept up to date of the status of their order all the time.

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March 18th, 2017



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