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///Search Engine Optimisation Ireland
Search Engine Optimisation makes your site appear on more searches on the Web. Without targeted traffic your site is not going to provide a return of sales leads and revenues.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short)? It is the editing and promoting of your site so that it will appear high up the organic listings (non paid listings) of all the major search engines.

Ideally, you should spend 3 times as much time on promotion as you do on design. We believe promotion is as important as design.

Our promotion service is based on continuous promotion. We design customised promotion packages in consultation with you.

Before you even start creating content for your site, you must think about what best describes the products, services or information you offer. If you were a Jeweller, for example, you may have put down the words, “Wedding Rings”.

Depending on your target audience the spelling and phraseology of the terms is vital. “Wedding Rings” means nothing in the US as it is “Wedding Bands” they wear. Therefore, you can see the search term “wedding ring” will seldom be used in the US.

The idea is to think like a user. Imagine you are a customer, in need of a product or service. What phrases would you use?  We have tools here that interrogate Google, MSN and Yahoo to see what was being searched in your key words over the past days; this means what the public are actually doing, not what we imagine they are searching for.

Once you have decided on the words for which you would like your site to be found, how do you go about working them into your Web site?

There is no easy way of inserting keywords into your content. Google, for example, will ignore — and may even penalise — your site if you try to overload it with keywords, or if you try to “hide” the keywords in a dark corner of the page.

Only with practice and experience can you learn how to optimise your site, with just the right number of keywords occurring in just the right places, in order for searchers to find you.

There are some keywords that have too many competitors and in this case, we do a cost analysis for you and may recommend our e-marketing to aid your site’s promotion.

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