Shopify Costs vs Opensource

What are the Shopify Costs vs Opensource ?

Here is a rough calculator to estimate the difference in cost of running an ecommerce store on shopify versus an opensource ecommerce platform.

This does not take into account the cost of build because both are essentially the same to build.  Read our blog post how much to build an ecommerce site.

The table below shows the main differences in terms of setup and maintenance

The calculator below shows the cost to the bottom line of ownership.

[cost_calculator id=”shopifyvsopensource”]

Calculation Assumptions are :

Shopify payments commission of 1%, average cost of a shopify addon per month being €20. Shopify monthly fees range from €29,99 per month to €2000 ( shopify plus ). We added the lowest level into the calculations.

Opensource calculation does not include credit card fees. Its based on premium hosting @ €450 a year.

Conclusion is :

Shopify is good for starting fast and testing the market. Then at medium level its expensive and then when you are at enterprise level ( excess 1 deal a second at peak )  it comes back into the frame as being most suitable because of its infrastructure.

Opensource is good for small to medium and where traffic does not spike wildly.

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