Shopify to sageline 50

Shopify to sageline50 integration is possible using our shopify to sageline50 integration solution.

Once you have this in place you will be able to  : 

  • Download orders from shopify to sagelin50 automatically including
    • Order lines with seperate skus and vat rates per line
    • Discounts on shopify recorded in sage
    • Multicurrency posting
    • Optional create an account for each shopper in sage or post to general shopper accounts
  • Push Stock levels, prices from Sageline50 to Shopify
  • Push existing customers from Sageline50 to Shopify

All these tasks are run automatically on a schelduler.

Each integration is costed serperately as each client will require product, customers, and orders to be handled slightly differently. Our solution allows for this custimisation. This integration will instantly free up time in your organisation spent rekeying orders and eliminate data transfer errors.
Please note this is for sageline50 UK version and not the US/Canada version which is completely different software.
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