Top Ecommerce Companies in Ireland

top ecommerce sites in irelandThe size of the Irish ecommerce market

2 million households

64% live in cities/towns.

80% have access to the internet and smart phones

75% connect on social media daily.

70% shop online at least 1 time a month

63% will research online before making a big ticket purchase

26% spend online 6 or more times per month.

Population 4.8 million
Gross domestic product €294 billion
E-commerce market value €7 billion
Mobile commerce market size €2.9 billion
Mobile commerce as a percentage of e-commerce market 42%

source : ecommerce europe / mastercard visa / cso / jpmorgan

Split of cross border sales

65% from Irish Suppliers

35% from other countries

Source : ecommerce europe

Comment : Irish suppliers are those registered in Ireland with distribution centers in Ireland.

Top Ecommerce Markets in terms of value

1. Clothing

2. Shoes

3. Furniture

4. Electronics

5. Food and Drink

6. Cosmetics

Source :  mastercard, ecommerce-europe

Comment : hard to separate the top performers as the data sources are sector dependent and some players are across sectors.


Ecommerce Market share Online Stores

30% of the top 100 irish stores are pure online players.

top 5 online retailers have 40% of online sales

top 6-25 have 35% of online sales

top 25 account for 75% of online sales

98% of Irish stores offer visa and mastercard payments – this will change dramatically in the next 2-3 years


Main ecommerce Shippers in Ireland

1. Click and Collect

2. DPD

3. An Post

4. Fastway

Does not included are shipping platforms like shipstation and scurri.

Market Places

1.  ( brexit effect )

2. eBay

3. ( brexit effect )

4. Wayfair

5. Etsy

Brexit Effect :  vat and customs duties on all imports post july 2021. This has driven business away from and led to Amazon setting up a warehouse in Ireland in April 2022.  Judging by the amount sold through their .de and .nl sites ( used to avoid the vat ) this new warehouse in Ireland maybe a waste of time for the size of the market ?

Ecommerce Platforms used in Ireland

1. WooCommerce  / WordPress

2. Shopify

3. Magento

4. Opencart

5. osCommerce / Zencart

6. Prestashop

7.  BigCommerce

8.  wix

9. Shopware

10. CS Cart

11. squarespace

Comment :  This is based on the number of .ie sites running these platforms.


ecommerce % of GDP

2.4% of Irish GDP is attributed to ecommerce  ( source ecommerce-europe )

World ecommerce size in terms of country spend.

1. China  $2 trillion

2. USA  $500 billion

3. UK $150 billion

4. Japan $120 billion

5. South Korea $110 billion

6. Germany $90 billion

7. France $70 billion

8. Canada $60 billion

9. India $50 billion

10 Russia $30 billion


Ireland $3.5 billion

Comment 1  : Ireland $3.5 billion ( 50 times smaller than UK market but population is 10 times smaller )

Comment 2 :  Ireland’s 3 closest markets are worth $300 billion. ( UK France and Germany )

Top online stores in Ireland by income.

Store Location Country
1 uk
2 ireland
3 ireland
4 ireland
5 uk
6 ireland
7 usa
8 usa
9 ireland
10 uk
11 uk
12 uk
13 ireland
14 usa
15 ireland
16 ireland
17 ireland
18 uk
19 usa
20 ireland
21 ireland
22 ireland
23 uk
24 ireland
25 uk
26 uk
27 ireland
28 usa
29 germany
30 uk
31 ireland
32 ireland
33 ireland
34 ireland
35 uk
36 ireland
37 ireland
38 ireland
39 uk
40 australia
41 uk
42 uk
43 ireland
44 ireland
45 ireland
46 uk
47 ireland
48 ireland
49 ireland
50 ireland

Further breakdowns into the following sectors are available on request.

Domestic furniture

Ecommerce Growth in Ireland in 2021

Average growth of ecommerce stores in Ireland 2021 was 24%

Commentary  :

Major shift since brexit away from UK based operators will see a shift in spend from stores shipping to Ireland from the UK.

Credit card 3D secure is driving traffic to market places where cards are pre-approved. There is a gap for a new online payment method that is secure and less cumbersome.

Artificial Intelligence investment will increase as the market becomes more saturated. It is no longer good enough to simply fill gaps as these are now rare. Ai is the next wave of market penetration.

New concept of digital sales rooms are now integral to B2B ecommerce coupled with AI.

Brands exiting market places as a policy is proving to be temporary as their competitors move into the space they have vacated, resulting in re-entry.

Credits / Examptions

Sectors not included. Illegal goods, Porn, subscription services, online tax – revenue.

Comment :  Major shift since brexit away from UK based operators will see a huge shift in spend.

Credit Sources :,, moz, semrush, wincher, visa, mastercard, statista, builtwith, wappalyzer, ecommerce europe

Latest update : 7/01/2022

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