Volunteer Donation Management System

///Volunteer Donation Management System

Volunteer Donation Management System

We have developed a donation management system for Haven Partnership to manage donations, volunteers and events for their Build It Weeks in Haiti.

Issue :

  • Many volunteers raising money for Build it weeks, all sending in money in cash , bank transfers and credit cards.
  • Volunteer fund raising balances were manually recorded in Xcel sheets and maintained manually.
  • Bank reconcillation was costing time.
  • Volunteers friends were calling to make donations to their friends and this was handled manually.
  • Volunteers travelling had to have a set of documents lodged with Haven such as scans of passports, medical records, safe passes etc. All these were being collected in paper files and store manually, with checklists on white boards of who and what was outstanding
  • Volunteers were running events and these needed to be advertised on the Haven site as well as promoted by the volunteer
  • Volunteers looked to be moved from one trip to another
  • Volunteers raising money for 2 trips wanting funds to go to the next trip once the first trips quota was raised

Solution :

  • Online donations can now be streamed to a volunteer
  • Volunteers have a login to view their account
  • Bank Statement import, posting monies to volunteer accounts
  • Events listing on website from events posted by volunteers, events are moderated by admins
  • Volunteers have personalised pages with social media links
  • Volunteers raising moeny in a group can now have their monies split across volunteers
  • Document upload and management for volunteers
  • Volunteers can be move, including funds from one trip to the next
  • All online donations now issue uniquely numbered PDF receipts
  • Volunteers and re issue receipts from their control panel
  • Volunteers can insert Bank lodgements from their control panel

As much work as possible has been moved to the volunteer and the admin in the office now can get a realtime snap shot of donations, volunteer status, trip status etc at the click of a mouse.

For more information please call +353 1 52 42 100 or email sales@willowsconsulting.ie



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