Volunteer Management Systems

///Volunteer Management Systems

Our volunteer management system VolmanTech is installed for many organisations. It is developed for groups who have volunteers who have to raise money to travel with a charity to serve over seas.

Examples :

Organisations that run trips to climb Kilamanjero and the climbers have to raise 5000 euro for the charity to travel.

Organisations that run trips to build houses in the 3rd world and where the volunteers have to raise 5000 to travel and take part.

Features :

For the Volunteer

  • online registration of volunteers
  • volunteers can post events
  • volunteers can create personal pages
  • volunteers have an online fundraiseing account
  • online donations can be routed to a volunteer directly into their online fundraising account
  • volunteers can post bank lodgments into the online fundraising accounts 
  • volunteers can issue receipts to donors online for donations already made

For the Organisation

  • manage all volunteers online
  • create dynamic check lists for volunteers
  • create reports on online donations
  • online donations are posted directly to volunteer accounts
  • bank lodgement import
  • match lodgements to volunteer accounts
  • split lodgements where a few volunteers fundraised and now want to split the lodgement
  • move funds from one volunteer account to another
  • ability for a volunteer to fund raise for a number if trips at the same time
  • full credit card integration
  • full integration to existing website if on LAMP stack
  • full reports and report generator
  • customiseable dash-board giving organisation key performance targets to report on up to 20 panels
  • send and create PDF receipts traceable to web donations or bank ladgements for tax purposes

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