Website hack repair Ireland

///Website hack repair Ireland

website hack repair irelandWebsite hack repair.

Has your website been hacked recently?

Do you need your website repaired.

We provide a full website hack repair service. We will carry out the following actions on your website.

  • get access to the FTP and Database of your website
  • examine the severity of the hack on the website
  • give an estimated time to clean the site
  • remove your website from the webservers and bring it inhouse to a honey-pot machine.
  • scan all files for known exploits and malacious code
  • remove manually all malicous code
  • scan all database table for malicous code
  • re deploy your website files
  • re deploy you database
  • make suggestions regarding upgrades and changes to code to make your site safer
  • optional insert traffic blockers to your site
  • provide a full report of all works carried out
  • perform upgrades to website packages if available and the client opts for them
  • provide a clean backup of the website in zip format for the client to store securley
  • QPI virus removal <!–qpi–>
  • MD5, OSH, and OSH3 virus family (osh.php or osh-RANDOMNUMBER.php) containing “<?php if(md5(md5($_GET[‘p’]))…”

The severity of all hacks depends on the nature of the hack itself. The severity determines the amount of time to clean the hack. We will advise on the estimated time to clear the hack after we have had access to the site and viewed the infected files. Initial examination takes 2 hours to complete.

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