What is the best GDPR Plugin for wordpress ?

What is the best GDPR Plugin for wordpress ? There are so many GDPR plugins for wordpress and ecommerce we have decided to make an easy to follow Wordpress GDPR Plugins Review list so as to determine the best fit for your organisation.

GDPR is mandatory for all businesses dealing with citizens of the European Union. It is a framework of law the protects the personal information within organisations.

Caveat : No GDPR plugin makes an organisation 100% GDPR compliant. The plugins will cover some of the following functions of GDPR. There has been no communication with the makers of any of these products and there are no affiliate links. So there are no kickbacks or commissions flowing from this page.

  • Subject Access Requests
  • Right to be Forgotten
  • Explicit Permission to Process Data
  • Portability of information
  • Newsletter Opt-ins and opt-outs
  • Right to have personal information ammended

Below is a table ( sorry mobile viewers ) where we reviewed all the plugins. We thought we would share the work with you.


About the Author:

Sean Owens is a Certified Data Protection Officer at Willows Consulting.  He was certified in September 2017 with the Irish Computer Society after attending their 3 day course and sitting an independent exam with a pass level of 70% 2 months later. He is the designated DPO for Willows Consulting and his company ( ecomextras.com) have developed opensource GDPR addons for wordpress, woocommerce GDPR and opencart GDPR.

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