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We provide a full adwords management service. Scheduling of ads, A/B testing. demographic targeting and re-marketing. We can help you spend less and get more from your existing google spend by tuning your existing adwords campaign.

We also create display adwords campaigns to be delivered across web and mobile platforms. We create the banners in the 13 different google recommended sizes and follow the performance of the ads over the duration of the campaign.



Many sites have been collecting google analytics but never making any sense from the myriad of stats that are delivered. We create custom dashboards so as to allow you to get the most from your organic SEO. We have seen surprising results from running google analytics reports on customer sites. We discover unknown well performing pages that are producing sales leads. Many ecommerce website owners never get a relevant view of the analytics. We can create and insert specific codes so as to detect key customer actions and follow-ons.


WebMaster Tools

We provide a webmaster tools integration service. Although it may seem like you don’t need this, it does in the long term keep your site in the google search radar. Services like sitemaps, verification codes and other site performance reports ensure your site is functioning to its optimum.

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