award winning ecommerce website design

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Irish Ecommerce Awards 2016 We had 8 customers nominated for award winning ecommerce website design in 2016 B2B eCommerce – Stream B Glassparts.ie Food and Drink celticwhiskeyshop.com eCommerce Small – Stream A cleverclogs.ie eCommerce – Medium arro.ie   eCommerce – Medium homevalue.ie eCommerce – Medium telfordselectric.ie eCommerce – International borujewellery.com eCommerce – International nambeinternational.com  

Privacy Policy

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What information do we collect? We collect information from you when you register on our site, subscribe to our newsletter, respond to a survey or fill out a form. When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your: name, e-mail address, mailing address or phone number. You may, however, visit

Our Partners

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Infoplex Infoplex assembles world-class add-ons and extensions for the TAS suite of applications. Our programs automate workflows, enlarge the functionality of TAS software, and integrate with no problem with third-party systems and applications. Our software aids the user community to create growth and revenue and signifigantly decrease user-time  We are an Approved Partner of TAS™

Sageline50 to Opencart

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We link opencart to Sageline50 and sageline200.  update prices, stock levels and titles with Sage import customers from Sage to Opencart import customer account summaries from Sage to Opencart your customers can view their whole account online and print copy invoices 24/7 posting back order status changes from Sage to Opencart and updating your customers

Who are you selling to

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Knowing the target audience you are selling is vital. Your own ecommerce store's layout and presentation is the flagship way of presenting your product. Questions you should answer before embarking on a design phase. What percentage of your customers are engaged on social media ? Is the colors and shapes on the site compatible with

Google Services

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01 Adwords We provide a full adwords management service. Scheduling of ads, A/B testing. demographic targeting and re-marketing. We can help you spend less and get more from your existing google spend by tuning your existing adwords campaign. We also create display adwords campaigns to be delivered across web and mobile platforms. We create the

Our Services

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  Ecommerce  Design Development Training Project Development PHP Developers     Ecommerce We provide a full ecommerce store build and after-care service. We have experience in B2C, Brick to Click and B2B solutions. Online payments, back office integration, social media and PPC optimisation are all part of the service we provide. top   Design We


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A sample of our work. [gallery_item tag="Ecommerce" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/davies.png"] Davies [/gallery_item] [gallery_item tag="Ecommerce" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/oxigen.png"]Oxigen[/gallery_item]  [gallery_item tag="Design" src="images/WILLOWS.png"]John Codd Decorators[/gallery_item] [gallery_item tag="Design" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/lebruin.jpg"] Lebruin Private [/gallery_item] [gallery_item tag="Ecommerce" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/awardit.jpg"] Classic Miniatures [/gallery_item] [gallery_item tag="Ecommerce" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/jhi.jpg"] JHI Distributors [/gallery_item] [gallery_item tag="Design" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/caci.png"]CACI [/gallery_item] [gallery_item tag="Design" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/2-cityjet-5.png"]CityJet[/gallery_item] [gallery_item tag="Design" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/heiton-buckley.png"]Heiton Buckley[/gallery_item] [gallery_item tag="Design" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/chadwicks.png"] Chadwicks [/gallery_item] [gallery_item tag="Design" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/George-Hook.png"]George Hook[/gallery_item] [gallery_item tag="Design" src="images/stories/portfolio/new_portfolio/samhire.png"]Samhire [/gallery_item] [gallery_item


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We have developed a wide range of web application sites across a wide range of industries. By applying our expertise, experience and project management skills we will always get the best result for the client and their clients. Many of our projects have saved out clients thousands of euro over the first few months of

Quality Systems

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Willows Consulting have developed a quality management system for use in web development type companies.  We receive instruction from the customer for works to be carried out. We receive instruction from the customer for works to be carried out. A specification document is drawn up with the scope, features, methods, and logic required. This specification

Environmental/sustainability policy statement

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We acknowledge that Willows Consulting activities have an impact on the environment, principally through energy. We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and other requirements to which it subscribes. We will also take such additional measures as it considers necessary such as: to manage and conserve resources, reduce energy, promote waste reduction

POS to website integration

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POS to website integration we provide a POS to ecommerce integration service for all php opensource shopping carts. This service enables your website to post orders directly into your POS and for stock levels to be reflected on your website. It prevents customers ordering out of stock items. It eliminates the need to do double

Task Management and Billing

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Task Management and Billing Application Issue : We have many clients and 1000's of tasks per month being worked on across a 100 projects. We have external  and internal staff completing these tasks. We get bills from contractors for work and were never able to reconcile the list of their work with what was actually

Joomla Golf Results Component

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Joomla Golf Results Component. Issue :  Corrstown Golf Club approached us with an issue of entering in Golf Scores and Results online. These were being entered as standalone pages, and every week the same data was being entered and only yhe scores and the results were changing.   Solution : We developed a joomla component

Waste Management Application

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Waste Management Application This system manages the complex issue of multiple pricing and promotion of waste product online where pricing is driven by specific territories. The system integrates with Datasets Waste Management system seamlessly and online sales and updates are posted directly to Datasets Systems which manage the customer accounts and billing.  

Volunteer Donation Management System

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Volunteer Donation Management System We have developed a donation management system for Haven Partnership to manage donations, volunteers and events for their Build It Weeks in Haiti. Issue : Many volunteers raising money for Build it weeks, all sending in money in cash , bank transfers and credit cards. Volunteer fund raising balances were manually


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Chadwicks Website Blog, Branch Finder and CMS. A selection of screen variants. {yoogallery src=[/images/stories/portfolio/chadwicks-portfolio/] width=[200] height=[250] title=[Our Work]   spotlight=[1] order=[asc] count=[6]}

Ecommerce Portfolio 1

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Web design for ecommerce sites. {yoogallery src=[/images/stories/portfolio/ecom-portfolio-1/] width=[200] height=[250] title=[Our Work]   spotlight=[1] order=[asc] count=[6]}  

Waste Company Web design

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Waste Company Web design. {yoogallery src=[/images/stories/portfolio/wbp_site_portfolio/] width=[200] height=[250] title=[Waste Billing Websites]   spotlight=[1] order=[asc] count=[6]}  


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    CityJet website development and design from 2007-2009. Site design and layout. Complete on-call online management of their site. Detailed analytics management of the site. Monthly user requirements meetings and development schedule.