Social Media and ecommerce

//Social Media and ecommerce

Social media is one of the key points on which Ecommerce has done well.

Social media sites such as Facebook Pinterest etc. all help in spreading the word about you product and services. 

Where they can be excellent for promotion they can also be the source of bad publicity. A social media site for a business neglected is a an accident waiting to happen. 

The one standout part of advertising on facebook is you can target easily. For example you can select all newly engage females under the age of 35 who are interested in DIY and live in Birmingham. This can be done with a few clicks. To achieve this in print one would have to advertise across a few publications and we would have a lot of wasted spend. 

Building a large social media audience is a worth while goal for any organisation You can now inform your thousands of followers of new product and get their opinions in a low cost and effective way.  It only costs the time to plan and manage the communication. Building like campaigns, competitions and utilising social media advertising platforms is a fast way 

Pinterest, Instagram and other pictorial social mediums are ideal for image based products such as fashion and lifestyle products. 

All these mediums are more effective the more you can communicate with. Building an audience is your fist priority and paying for ads to do this at the start is essential.

What is the ROI of social media ?


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