Quality Systems

//Quality Systems

Willows Consulting have developed a quality management system for use in web development type companies. 

We receive instruction from the customer for works to be carried out.

  • We receive instruction from the customer for works to be carried out.
  • A specification document is drawn up with the scope, features, methods, and logic required.
  • This specification is revised with the client and when they are happy with the details a delivery date and signoff is completed. 
  • The task is split into its smallest constituent parts and entered into the taskbiller. 
  • The client has a view of the task biller at all times and comment and view the progress of any works. All tasks have a unique number and this is used in references to the tasks.
  • The tasks are assigned to resources who carry out the work. They will comment all code created for the task with the task number so we can then track at a later stage what lines of code were added / changed to complete this task.
  • No task can make it to the production without being qa’ed by a member of staff . Once the task is passed as QA’ed  the task is marked as completed. 
  • When the project is ready for delivery there is a checklist of QA tasks drawn up from the specification  sheet to confirm all what has been specified has been delivered correctly. 
  • The customer is then given access to the application for a first pass user acceptance test. 
  • The customer reports the issues as they see them into the task biller. 
  • The tasks are assigned and then passed to QA when completed,. Once qa has passed the tasks they are marked as completed and the client is notified. 
  • Once the client is notified they will then do another user acceptance test to confirm the task has been completed. 

We have developed an accompanying web application to support this process. 

It provides a full audit trail of all works carried out and by whom.

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