What is the best size for ecommerce product images?

What is the best size for ecommerce product images?

min 600 px x 600 px and a file size of under 100k.

max 1000 px x 1000 px and a file size of under 100k.

Why 1000px,  that is huge ?  It allows software to create good quality thumbnails. If the original image is too small a thumbnail creator will create poor thumbnails.

File size will directly impact page load speed.

Use JPG where possible as its going to be the smallest file and work on all devices.

Social media will require images in other sizes so remember to create these too.  These dimensions change all the time so check the dimensions you use are valid before creation.


Other image tips

  • You want a square image so as it will show well in a grid, so you may need to pad out a landscape or portrait image.
  • Have the images on a white backgroud.
  • Show something beside the image for size comparison, like a credit card.
  • Show an image with the product size dimensions annotated.
  • Show close up images of its features.
  • Show some context usage photos.
  • Take all products from the same aspect and angle this leads to a nice well curated and uniform look feel in listing grids.
  • Use a product video including unboxing etc.
  • watermarque your images visually with your url and on their digital signature.

What not to do.

  • Steal product images
  • mix portrait and landscape on the grid listing
  • insert text like special offers or prices onto the images
  • put up a pixelated image while waiting for a better one
  • have copyrighted material in the background of an image, even if its blurred
  • use images without prior permission
  • load up huge images straight from a camera
  • settle for a standard that is not the best
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