How to start ecommerce

///How to start ecommerce

How to start ecommerce.
Our ecommerce starter setup Guide is intended to cover all the important questions you need to address if you are considering setting up or redeveloping your ecommerce / online store.
This guide is developed from developing ecommerce since 2002.  We are adding to it monthly. That is how fast ecommerce is moving. When you engage us as your ecommerce partner we will make sure you are always ahead of the competition. 

Ecommerce Business Planner

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This free Ecommerce Business Planner has been developed to help business owners and startups to see if they can make money online. We developed this after fielding and attending so many ecommerce project kickoffs where we saw that there was no way the client was going to make money from their venture. Most newbies

Free Ecommerce Website Tender

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This Free Ecommerce Website Tender Document is intended to make it easier for you to get ecommerce quotes from a number of companies and then to be able to compare the quotes side by side because they are in the same format. Ecommerce Tender Sample Template This document will get you thinking about all the

How to pick the right domain name

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How to pick the right domain name. Follow this checklist. When choosing a valuable domain for your new business there are 12 domain choosing tips you should consider. use the smallest number of letters try to start with the first 10 letters of the alphabet ( you will appear higher up listings as most are

Types of Ecommerce Platforms

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There are 4 main types of ecommerce platform.1. opensource E.G. opencart, prestashop, magento,woocommerce, virtuemart, zencart, oscommerce, cs cart etc. No license fees. Just hosting and 1 off design / development costs at start up. 2. licensed and hosted by the store owner ( paid magento, actinic, shopify ), continous fees. 3. Saas

Choosing an ecommerce development partner

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This is possibly the single point where most ecommerce projects fail to make it to market or function. It is the stress point of business, as they are investing money and not getting any revenue until the site goes live. The way you define the product on the outset determines the response

expanding your market

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You are now setup and selling a modest amount of product. Well done you have reached the you first ecommerce milestone. The next milestone is to get you site and all the product names and descriptions translated professionally for your target market. We have seen examples where clients on translating their site

Advertising for ecommerce

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When you are planning your online store you need to put aside a large budget for advertising and promotion. Getting your first 1000 customers is expensive and in most cases you will not make money doing this. Know where your market lives on the internet. They can live in Social Media, Google

Checkout experience in Ecommerce

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Checkout process and steps have to be smooth fast and logical. Customers should only be asked for information once. Asking customers to re-input information already completed just frustrates. You are aiming to please your customer not frustrate them. Most ecommerce products have a smooth and well formed checkout process. Think hard about

Shipping methods for ecommerce

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The cost of shipping and fulfilling orders will have a big impact on the margin you are going to make on your product. Typcially items under 1kg are alot cheaper to fulfill than items over 1kg. Items over 1kg may need to be stored nearer to the target customer so as to

Fulfilling orders

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When a customer purchases in your store your have won a new customer, now the challenge is to keep them and make them return again. When fulfilling orders online remember the customer wants to know when and where the product will arrive. They will require no surprises like taxes and duties to

Selecting you payment processor

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When selecting your payment processor you have to consider 7 items : What is the average unit value of each sale What number of transactions per month are you predicting What countries are you selling to What is you current banking setup What is the fraud risk on the product you are

Choosing your hoster

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This is a really important item. The speed of your site depends on 2 items: 1. the technology and how well it is put together to build the ecommece engine 2. the speed latency of the hosters servers Your checklist for hosting on ecommerce : What are the technical requirements to run

Presentation of product for ecommerce

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The Presentation of product for ecommerce has a massive bearing on how many of the products you will sell. The only thing your customer cannot do is touch the product but they can do everything else. It is all about building the confidence of the customer. The more confident they get the

What are you selling online ?

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You may have already selected the line of product you are selling online or you may be choosing what type of product to sell. There are some important considerations to consider. what level of fraud will this product attract. Example jewellery attracts more fraud than t-shirts ? how perishable is the product.

How to choose the correct ecommerce platform

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Choosing the correct ecommmerce platform is essential to the running of your store. How secure is the product ? Products that are opensource all have the benefit of an open community that keeps watch on security 24/7. When security issues arise they are usually patched within hours. The more mature opensource products

Ecommerce Product Comparison

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All the listed products have the standard ecommerce features, multi lingual, multi currency, SEO friendly occupying at least 5% of the market, established more than 3 years and opensource. We hope this allows you to choose the best product for your online store. 5=Excellent 4=Good 3=Moderate 2=Poor 1= Bad 0= knock off

Ecommerce Startup Guide

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If you are considering setting up or redeveloping your ecommerce / online store, our ecommerce startup guide is intended to cover all the important questions you need to address. It is intended to prevent you from making painful expensive mistakes that others have made. It also gives you the best start you