What are you selling online ?

Ecommerce Setup Guide

You may have already selected the line of product you are selling online or you may be choosing what type of product to sell.

There are some important considerations to consider.

  1. what level of fraud will this product attract. Example jewellery attracts more fraud than t-shirts ?
  2. how perishable is the product. The more perishable the more expensive to package ?
  3. how heavy are the products. The heavier the more expensive to ship ?
  4. are there territory restrictions on where you can ship and sell to ?
  5. are there license restrictions on the product from the manufacturer or distributor ?
  6. is the product legal to sell online . E.G selling medicine in Ireland online is illegal ?
  7. is there a controlled price and can others undercut you ?
  8. is there an age limit you can sell to, how are you going to enforce this ?
  9. exporting have you considered the tax implications and the requirements therein ?
  10. are the products legal or subject to duty in the countries you are exporting to, think of food stuffs ?
  11. is the product virtual or is it hard product ?
  12. if the product is returned could you resell it ?
  13. is there a demand for this product ?
  14. have you tested the market ?
  15. are there competitors, can you compete with them, seriously think about this, price is key of you are going to be more expensive then you need to think again.


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