How to pick the right domain name

How to pick the right domain name.

Follow this checklist.

When choosing a valuable domain for your new business there are 12 domain choosing tips you should consider.

  1. use the smallest number of letters
  2. try to start with the first 10 letters of the alphabet ( you will appear higher up listings as most are default alphabetical )
  3. avoid hyphens in domain names
  4. cannot be confused with something else
  5. does not conflict with any existing brand
  6. is not a play on an existing brand
  7. has little or no results when searched in Google
  8. check the matching social media handles are available
  9. purchase all the extensions you can to prevent impostors
  10. if the domain you want is on an auction site make sure its not a toxic domain
  11. some say the domain name does not matter it is the sites content. True but the domain will add a little SEO value too.
  12. use normal spellings .


The domain you choose is so important to the future organic SEO ranking of your site.  Domains are cheap. Buy all the associated domain names and then you can choose at ease knowing that someone else has not got them already.

Good sites to spin up domain name suggestions.

We are not attached or affiliated to any of the suggested sites below. We use them when helping our clients choose domain names.

Creates lists of names based on the combinations of keywords etc.

To check if your social media handles are available

Use normal spellings

If you have to explain how to spell the domain name then its time wasted at every pitch. “Its spelt W-U-D-W-E-R-K” and the people go home and search wudwerk and google says “do you mean Wood Work ?” Boom time wasted and visitors lost. There is a temptation to use an odd spelling when the domain you want is gone.






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