Advertising for ecommerce

Ecommerce Setup Guide

When you are planning your online store you need to put aside a large budget for advertising and promotion.

Getting your first 1000 customers is expensive and in most cases you will not make money doing this.

Know where your market lives on the internet.

They can live in Social Media, Google Search, News, Business Media and or interest groups.

In Google you advertise using  adwords. Keywords are setup so as to trigger your ads. Everytime your ad is clicked it deducts money from your adwords account. Your can have plain text ads, mobile ads and graphic ads on google.  We would advise you do not start out creating ads yourself as it is easy to waste alot of money on badly setup and targeted ads. There are specialists who tune adwords campaigns.  Be careful when employing these agencies as some over promise and under deliver and in the end of the day it is your money they are playing with. Get references and follow them up. Set targets and if they are not met, move on. Always remember to include negative keywords in your campaign so as to cut down on the number of mis-placed ads.

Social media advertising typically takes the format of facebook, or twitter ads. These are targets as accurate demographic groups and locations.

After your site is running a few months see where the display ads traffic is coming from. You may see a site where you are getting alot of traffic and decide to advertising with them directly is more cost effective than a google ad. Most sites will charge per month the ad is in place regardless of the clicks. 

Advertising online has the advantage that the results can be measured. The results should affect the next advertising decision you make. 

Online advertising is like any other advertising it must be done constantly, planned out well and key performance targets have to be set for each campaign. 

All print, marketing materials should reference your website at all touch points. Signage on vans, stores, directional signage should have your domain listed. 

Do not discount print adertising or TV advertising as this is still very effective for certain products. Home and Garden is one product set that benefits from mini magazine print.

So keep you mind open to the channels that work for your sector. Keep a close eye on your competitor see what is working for them.

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