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Ecommerce Setup Guide

You are now setup and selling a modest amount of product. Well done you have reached the you first ecommerce milestone.

The next milestone is to get you site and all the product names and descriptions translated professionally for your target market.

We have seen examples where clients on translating their site to Russian have seen an immediate 30% increase in orders. ( they will have advertised in russian too on all the russian social and search networks. )

The next milestone is only done when you have are satisfied you have a market to ship sufficient quantities to.  Many business owners see this as an impossible step as they do not think out side of the confines of their existing business.  Shipping into other countries is a simple task now. You appoint a local local drop shipper to manage the country specific shipping and distribution of your product.  Your deliveries now go to the drop shipper who manages the all the shipping and returns for the product.  You will have to link your website into their systems so as to make the sales as smooth as possible. This is another item you should check when selecting a provider, do they have experience of linking systems into shipping systems. 

When targeting other markets you may come across different preferences for paying online. For example in Germany there is allot of online direct debit. In the US there is alot of Paypal, in emerging markets there are other payment preferences that have to be considered.

Your next milestone is to consider multi-channel shopping. This involves opening ebay, amazon and affiliate stores so as to expand the locations from where your product can be sourced. Handling the uploading of stock on all these market places manually is not to be even contemplated.  There are many software packages that will allow you to manage multi market listings from one location. 

You may also consider adding an option for affiliate shopping. This allows an affiliate to register on your site. They link to product on your site and when a sale happens from one of the affiliates links, the affiliate receive commission from you. 


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