Fulfilling orders

Ecommerce Setup Guide

When a customer purchases in your store your have won a new customer, now the challenge is to keep them and make them return again.

When fulfilling orders online remember the customer wants to know when and where the product will arrive.

They will require no surprises like taxes and duties to be paid before collection.

Inform the customer every single little step of the way, make the customer understand you are personally looking after their shipment all the way. It may seem like information overload but telling the customer the “order is now being picked and packed by Tom” is preferrable to “order status change = processing”.

The way products are packaged and labeled is important. Remember the packaging is another little advertisement. Include flyers for other products in the packaging. Include coupons off the next purchase.

Some stores also include a prepaid returns package in case the product needs to be returned. You may this this is mad, ” I dont want to encourage them to return the goods” .This adds to the customer confidence.  If they see you are so confident that you know they can return the goods if they are damaged and you make it easy they will return again to your store.

Finally, make sure the packaging smells nice. How many times have you opened a package it there is a odd smell of damp or something else off it. You star to question where the product came from and in what condition it was kept in.

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